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Service Overview

Your business has bought different business software applications for your operations. When your business grows, the total cost of software licenses will go up. However, the actual usage of these expensive software is low in many businesses, causing a waste of IT resources. In addition, the maintenance and management of these software applications are quite a headache. For example, when personnel changes take place, your IT has to make changes in applications and hardware as well. Although these tasks are simple, each takes hours or days.

Software as a service on-demand (SaaSoD) can solve the above problem for you by packaging, centrally managing, selecting and then delivering software applications to each client computer in your business according to your policy. Now you can dramatically reduce repeated deploy time of software, update time of workflow, and offer your employees a faster and more convenient software experience.


  • Packaging and Selecting Software Applications According to Policy

SaaSoD gives any enterprise client computer the access to all software applications your business uses.  This will reduce your software setup time dramatically and gives you more time for other more important tasks.

  • Streaming Necessary Software Applications Only

Our advanced streaming technology greatly shortens the waiting time during software application downloads.  You no longer have to wait until the download is complete to begin using an application.

  • Caching to Reduce Unnecessary or Repeating Data Transmissions on the Network 

When the number of your enterprise users becomes large, caching can be a better choice than streaming to reduce unnecessary or repeating data transmissions and to use bandwidth more efficiently.  Our caching technology works by allowing users in the same region to store and read cache in a server closest to them.

  • Safe and Optimized Data Transmissions that Reduce Repeating Inquiry Connections

Our SaaSoD encrypts your data transmission using HTTPS.  Whether your on-demand platform is in a private or a public cloud, we can ensure data encryption against theft and save you the effort of setting up a complicated firewall.

Implementation Steps

  • Step 1: Apply for SasSoD

You can contact us here to apply for an SaaSoD trial account or to create an SaaSoD on-premise.

  • Step 2: Install SaaSoD & Its Management Platform

First, you need to deploy Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL 2008 Express or a newer version. Then, install SaaSoD and an installation wizard will help with the deployment of IIS and related elements. When the SaaSoD server starts operating, you can control and manage software application installations by opening SaaSoD’s URL.

  • Step 3: Activate Licensing, Integrate Authentication, and Package Software Applications

Whether you import readily packaged applications or upload your enterprise software applications to SaaSoD to be packaged, SaaSoD will ensure that the execution environment elements that your system needs are also packaged, so that the packaged applications can run on any Windows client system.
Then, WingWill will activate an identity authentication mechanism with external partners for you. Finally, WingWill would be authorizing users and user groups for you.

  • Step 4: Install & Test Cloud On-Demand on Clients

Finally, finish client node application installation on SaaSoD platform website.

  • Step 5: Deploy Cache Nodes & CDN Cache Speed-Up

If you have many enterprise users who will use SaaSoD at the same time, you can deploy a cache node on-premise to shorten the download time of these SaaS applications. If your SaaSoD is created in a public cloud, you can activate the CDN speed-up mechanism to improve enterprise user experience.

Is This for My Business?

  • I want to effectively manage enterprise software licenses and reduce re-purchase of idle software applications
  • I want to increase the execution speed of enterprise software applications and centrally manage and protect enterprise data
  • I want to shorten enterprise software application installation and update times and minimize risks and threats

Service Frameworks

SaaSoD Framework

SaaSoD Framework

Exmaple of an SaaSoD


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