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Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud service developed by Microsoft for the collaboration of internal offices. Office 365 is a collection of work tools that can be executed smoothly through computers, mobile phones ...


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the cloud computing platform provided by the most familiar Microsoft company in the general enterprise. It is the cloud computing platform that can be understood and accepted by Mic...


Google Cloud Platform

GCP (Google Cloud Platform) is a cloud computing platform that Google has accumulated for many years to build its own cloud platform. It combines core infrastructure (IaaS, PaaS), data analysis (Data ...


G Suite

G Suite is a cloud service developed by Google for the collaboration of internal offices. G Suite is a collection of work tools that can be executed smoothly through computers, mobile phones and table...

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cloud Products

Gartner 2020 Market Guide for Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Expand Remote Access and Deploy a SASE Strategy As a growing number of enterprises manage remote teams and disparate cloud applications, complexity and risk increase. In this market guide, Gartner evaluates Zero Trust Network Access technologies that enable secure access to internal applications based on identity, context, and policy adherence — regardless of user or […]

cloud Products

Online Retail Loyalty – Program Reference Architecture

Loyalty programs can help online retail companies improve customer retention, increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and grow margins and revenues. But poor online experiences can impair customer satisfaction and hinder loyalty programs. Akamai can help improve customer experiences by accelerating web performance, maximizing availability, and streamlining customer onboarding and identity management functions. Akamai’s comprehensive portfolio […]

cloud Products

Page Integrity Manager

Strengthening web page integrity by detecting and mitigating suspicious script behaviors With modern web pages relying heavily on scripts, bad actors are exploiting scripts as a new attack vector to steal sensitive customer information. Recent script-based attacks such as Magecart have increased in sophistication and are difficult to detect, let alone stop. Increasingly, these web-skimming […]

Build Enterprise App Service Platform

Build Enterprise App Service Platform

Service Overview Your business has bought different business software applications for your operations. When your business grows, the total cost of software licenses will go up. However, the actual usage of these expensive software is low in many businesses, causing a waste of IT resources. In addition, the maintenance and management of these software applications […]


Enterprise Website Optimization Service

Service Overview Although it has been years since cloud application services became available, only in the last two year did enterprises begin to introduce such IT platforms actively. Akamai, which has observed the global development of cloud application services, believes that there are 3 reasons why businesses adopt such services now. First, cloud application services […]


Multiple Cloud Native Services Management

Service Overview More and more businesses decided to use cloud native technology to accelerate their digital transformation. Google’s Anthos platform allows you to build and manage modernized hybrid applications in an on-premise environment or a public cloud environment of yours. It is built on Google’s open-source technologies such as Kubernetes, Istio, and Knative and keeps […]