Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is Google’s cloud computing platform, which is full of Google’s own user experience and knowledge in technology and finally available for external clients like your business. The core of GCP includes IaaS, PaaS, data analytics, and the cloud services for machine learning and AI. GCP offers your business all elements that a comprehensive data center will use, supports you by hosting infrastructure, and provides your developers the services and tools they need to do their job. Whether you are looking to build a website or take a complex and comprehensive enterprise service to cloud, GCP allows you to easily establish your system on cloud and rent resources from Google.

In addition, GCP has a data center in Changhua Coastal Industrial Park in Taiwan, which is the largest Google data center in Asia. This means a high-speed experience for your business.

GCP dedicates it self to technologies in cloud-ground integration, data analytics, AI and more. We wish to highlight some of its feature products and services below:

Cloud-Ground Integration: Anthos


Anthos has the ability to integrate the complete Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) platformto different environments. This means that your on-premise database or any cloud platform you use can also take advantages of GKE and allow GCP to manage and control centrally.

Data Analysis: BigQuery


BigQuery is a relational parallel data warehouse that can scale out, meaning that you can increase the number of machines as your demand increases. Your business can also use your familiar SQL language for commands and the system will distribute your commands to several machines for parallel executions. This greatly reduces the time for processing. BigQuery is the most chosen data warehouse for analysts who are unfamiliar with NoSQL databases.

Machine Learning and AI: Graphics processing unit (GPU)/ Tensor processing unit (TPU)

AI model developers can find their GPU’s on GCP as well and be able to use them in the form of virtual machine instances in order to create a new machine learning environment in no time. Google also has a TPU specially for advanced AI developers using TensorFlow so that the traditionally long modelling time can be greatly reduced. Both GPU’s and TPU’s contain many microprocessors and can execute many algorithms in parallel.

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